salam maal hijrah 1433

assalamualaikum...semoga tahun ni, amalan kita lebih bertambah, perilaku makin baik, semangat belajar makin tinggi... insyaALLAH, semoga tahun 1433 ni lebih baik dari tahun2 sebelumnya kan~


Wordless Thursday

SUBHANALLAH~ The moment i saw this scenery, terus grab phone and snap the pic. the pic was taken with my ordinary sony ericson phone.. edit only for the text and the frame.. the scenery was originally beautiful..


movie: a beautiful mind

assalamualaikum.. selamat tengah hari.. hehe

hari ni ak nk rant pasal satu movie yang baru jek sehari lepas ak tengok.. movie yang di cadangkan oleh one of my psyche lecturer.. she told us, if u want to understand the heart & soul of a schizophrenia, tengok la cter ni.. so, i decided 2 search through youtube (because i was too lazy to search torrent file.. padal bukan susah pon kan).. fortunately, i found it.. baik jek sedebuk xder part apaper.. terus satu complete movie.. so, ak pon terus la download.. terus berpakat ngan my roommate utk tengok cter ni malam jumaat ni.. well, we both like this kind of drama.. semangat gler nk tengok la kan..

ok, ak cter la serba sedikit pasal this film kan.. it is an american drama film based on the life of John Nash, a Nobel Laureate in Economics.. filem ni based on novel sebenarnya.. basically, cerita dia pasal a genius who's having hallucination and seing things.. ak malas nk cerita panjang pasal sinopsis ke ape.. sebab kalau search kat wiki pon, they explain a very detail one dah pun.. so, i just want to share my opinion about this film..

john nash ni, he's a very genius person.. but, he refused to go to class sbb according to him, going to class will make you a dull person.. he acted like a stupid person.. always a lone ranger until he found his imaginary friend, charles.. well, the first quarter of this story, it's a bit boring.. plus, the subtitle was not working well.. they came a bit too early.. later, i just gave up with the subtitles.. my roommate surrender right after that.. so, tinggal la aku sengsorang tengok filem tu.. nevermind.. tp, lepas tu, the story started to become more interesting.. he started to realize he's being followed and the job of breaking the codes was no longer safe.. he was then sent to the hospital..he was diagnosed having schizophrenia.. he was told that his imaginary friend is not real..

sepanjang cerita ni, aku sangat kagum ngan alicia, his wife la.. kalau aku di tempat dia, aku tak tahu la aku akan setabah tu.. having a husband which have a mental problem.. he nearly killed her and their baby.. and he might be repeating the same thing in the future... she had a choice to leave, and i thought she did but she didn't.. malah dia la yang banyak membantu Nash to went through his hard time.. she's the one yang light up nash's spirit.. nash try to live without medication.. he tried to mix around with the society but, reality is not easy right.. he can't help but seeing his imaginary friends, kept following him everywhere he went.. he tried to ignore them and lastly, he managed to.. he was so strong to go through this.. when he decided to give up, alicia was there to support.. what a sweet wifey <---- reminding myself to be like that

lastly, he managed to live his life like a normal people.. and, surprisingly, he was awarded with a nobel price which he never imagine to have.. the moment move my heart is when he gave his speech after receiving the nobel..

i've always believe in numbers. in the equations & logics that lead to a reason. but after a lifetime of such persuits, i ask what is truly a logic? who decides reason? my question has taken me through physical, the metaphysical, the delusional & back. i have made the most important discovery in my life. it's only in the mysterious equations of love that any logical reasons can be found. i'm only here tonight because of you, you're the reason i am. you are all my reasons. tq

i can help but cried.. the speech was so lovely.. betul, love makes illogical thing become logic.. through this movie, i learnt so much new things.. its worth to be watched, kan.. hahaha.. so, ja ne~